Bageloo Coffee shop THE BEST OF BAGEL Enjoy your best Bagel , Coffee & Pastries in Town! HOME MADE PASTRY Enjoy your best Bagel , Coffee & Pastries in Town! THE HOME OF COFFEE Enjoy your best Bagel , Coffee and Pastries in Town!

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Bageloo Coffee shop

01Best Bagel in town!

We offer New York-style Bagel and French American Pastry, and we are proud to say that everything is made from scratch with quality ingredients, so you can enjoy the variety.

Bageloo Coffee

02Feel the Coffee

Bageloo is dedicated to bringing you great coffee,  whether they go into our brewed coffee, latte, cappuccino, or Americanos. We are passionate about great coffee and food.


One of my elementary friends made the name 'BAGELOO' for us. It translates to Bagel House.

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Try the best coffee in the city

We pride ourselves in great-tasting coffee. Quality beans. Expert baristas. The complete package. But here, it's not just about taste. Our coffee gives people second chances.

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